Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions most commonly asked by parents of Snowflake Jr. High students. We hope this quick reference makes your life easier and cuts down on time searching for answers. For more in-depth information, please see our student handbook listed in the Quick Links section on the Home page.

If my child must miss school, what is the protocol for taking care of this excused absence?

If your child must miss a day of school, clear his/her absence with the attendance office within 24 hours, specifying the date of the absence. You may leave a message before or after office hours as well. Please don’t forget to take care of your child’s absence. Any students with absences not cleared are truant and will be disciplined accordingly.

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How do I find out if my child qualifies for free or reduced lunch prices?

Swing by our office and pick up information about free/reduced lunch options. A private contractor runs our cafeteria; we serve hot meals daily at a reasonable price, but for those who qualify, we do have options. Talk to someone in the office for more information.

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What materials should my child bring to school each day?

Great question! We proved a set of books in every classroom. We encourage students to bring a large notebook that will hold writing materials and folders for homework, etc. Students may carry backpacks, but we ask that they be small enough to hang on the back of a student desk without sticking out into the aisle. Backpacks have been a hazard in the past in regards to allowing students efficient access in and out of rooms and in walk areas of rooms. We typically find that a large notebook is sufficient to hold any materials your child may need throughout the day.

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Is there an official dress code at Snowflake Jr. High?

We have several clothing and grooming regulations at Snowflake. For detailed information about our dress code, please see the student handbook. It’s important that you are familiar with these regulations, as we do enforce them regularly, and they are important to your child’s safety. Below are a few commonly considered regulations:

  • Students may not wear skirts, dresses, or shorts that are more than 2” above the knee.
  • We do not allow our students to wear any clothing that resembles pajamas to school.
  • No sagging pants—pants must stay on the waist without a belt.
  • Students must not wear any bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, spandex as outerwear, swimsuits, and any see-through clothing at school.
  • All shirts must have sleeves. Please make sure that the armhole openings aren’t so large that the student’s underwear or bare chest can be seen.
  • Please refrain from clothing containing any obscene language or symbols—this includes belts and outerwear.
  • Students must wear appropriate footwear at all times on school campus in the interest of safety and public health.
  • We do not allow students to wear any headwear in classrooms, the office, the library, or the auditorium.
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If my child must miss a day of school, can he make up the work he missed?

If your child is absent, he/she may make up missed work. The student must turn it in to the teacher within the same number of days he/she was absent. For example, we allow a student who is absent two consecutive days two days to make up any missed work. Parents may call the office and request make-up work if a child is going to be absent for an extended period of time. Our policy is that students may only make up work from the present two-week reporting period. Please help your child stay caught up on any missed work to avoid missing work from past progress reports.

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Where can I pick up/drop off my child?

Please do not drop students off or pick them up in the front parking lot. The student drop-off is on the north side of the building, between the gymnasium and the football field. Please enter on the north side of the drive and drop off or pick up students next to the fence by the gym/cafeteria. Following these regulations for picking up/dropping off your child is very important to avoid unnecessary traffic while buses are pulling in and out of the school on the south side of the softball field. During the day, you are welcome to use the front parking lot as you need to come into the office to sign your child in or out. Thank you for your help.

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